Welcome to Asterions Hus. We are located at Teater Møn along with Teaterøen in Copenhagen and we tour nationally and internationally. 


Performances for sale for tour in season 19/20 and 20/21:




Min Odyssé


for young adults and adults.

Alice in Wonderland for the 5 - 10 year olds and their adults.

Medusa and Jason for the 3 - 8 year olds and their adults.

Alice in Wonderland
Alice i Eventyrland

Photo: Emile Carlsen


Denmark is locked down due to the corona virus and our borders are closed, but fortunately it is still possible to travel to Wonderland. Saturday, May 2, at 15.00 Asterions Hus will premiere the new performance Alice in Wonderland live-streamed from Teater Møn, Asterions House's new home, so everyone can see the show together separately.

Look forward to a tribute to senselessness, imagination and anarchy when Asterions Hus premieres a digital version of Alice in Wonderland.

The performance can be viewed directly on Asterions Hus' Facebook page and Youtube, and it's free to watch.


Photos: Emile Carlsen

RODIN at Teaterøen 24 - 28 March 2020 CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to the authorities' closure of cultural institutions during COVID-19, we have had to cancel RODIN at Teaterøen.

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Photos: Ingrid Bugge


Performs at Teaterøen: 

15th - 18th of April


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At Aprilfestival in Holbæk


Performs at Teater Møn

2nd & 3rd of May 


Livestreaming instead


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We, Asterions Hus, have existed as a theatre since 2003 and are based at Teaterøen in Copenhagen and at Teater Møn.

Our artistic project is forever developing and is carried by curiosity and an urge to explore the unfamiliar and untried. 

We are especially known for our very physical and experimental interpretations of the great tales. We go our own ways with The Iliad by Homer, Shakespeare's Rome&Juliet and Macbeth and our performances are a mix of the encounter with the great tale 

and our personal interpretation. We love patos as much as we love humor. We love quirky patina and raw poetry.


Throughout the years we have developed our own unique and vivid expression revolving around the appetite, happiness and the paradoxes of life. Indomitable we seek to balance the acting right on the edge of the grotesque and realistic, the confusing and the easy accessable, the comic and the tragic. The performances neither learn nor explain – rather they confuse, excite and hint.

We tour with great pleasure around Denmark and the rest of the world too. The past couple of years we have had the pleasure to tour in Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Egypt, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Greece, Scotland, Liechtenstein and Austria. 

Asterions Hus has through all the years received grants from the National Arts Foundation, a number of private foundations and EU. 

 Welcome to our house, Asterions Hus!

Artistic leader, Tilde Knudsen

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